Discover the Winter Wonderland of the Valley and Pine Auto Camping Site!

Valley and Pine Tree Campsite

Valley and Pine Tree Campsite

Welcome to the winter wonderland of pension-style camping, the Valley and Pine Tree Auto Campsite!


Located in Hwadae-ri, Ildong-myeon, Pocheon, the Valley and Pine Tree Auto Campsite is also a pension-style campsite. It boasts a spacious area, with the campsite alone covering over 33,000 square meters, and if one includes the pension and other facilities, it spans an impressive 165,000 square meters, making it one of the largest in Pocheon. The campsite features an auto camping site with crushed stones, and the pension offers a variety of rooms, ranging from single to quadruple, that can be reserved according to the number of guests. The first thing that catches the eye when you arrive are the colorful pension buildings. The red, orange, green, and pink hues blend with the trees to create a picturesque landscape. Especially when snow piles up on the roofs, it feels like a winter wonderland of pensions.

The entire campsite prides itself on its pristine natural surroundings. Everywhere you look, you’ll see lush green trees that make you feel like you’re inhaling phytoncides with every breath. A pristine valley stretches for an impressive 4km, providing a perfect spot for water play in the hot summer. The valley also features large rocks, perfect for lying down and taking a break. The pension also cultivates and sells its own native honey, a bottle of which could be an excellent way to upgrade your health. They also run a restaurant where you can taste raw trout raised in the clear valley waters.

Features and Benefits

  • Trout
  • Mountain Chicken
  • Pension


299, Muriwol-gil, Ildong-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do


Telephone: 010-4842-2689

Nearby Activities

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  • Summer water play
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