Sound Road Auto-Camping: A Thoughtful Campsite for Your Family Excursions

Sound Path Auto Campground (소리길 오토캠핑장)

Sound Path Auto Campground

Sound Path Auto Campground is a camping site known for its consideration towards family campers. Noted for its beautiful autumn leaves, the campground is located at the entrance to the famous Sound Path in Hapcheon.


A common characteristic of campers who visit this quaint and charming campground is that they are primarily families. The campground maintains a peaceful atmosphere by not accepting group camping. Although it is designed for four people, there are exceptions for large families and parents, without any additional charges.


The campground is dotted with wooden swings, providing restful spaces. A small sandbox is available for young children to play in. A pond with a stone bridge across it is a favorite spot for children. The campground has a 24-hour hot water supply in the toilets, showers, and washstands, making it convenient for campers. There is even a washstand for children, reflecting the thoughtful consideration for campers. The washstand area is equipped with a microwave and a large refrigerator, allowing campers to store and eat their food coolly. There is a separate place next to the washstand to clean the grill.


Address: 670 Maehwasan-ro, Gaya-myeon, Hapcheon-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do

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