Songgane Ogari: The Hantan River Campsite with Year-round Activities and Parties

Songane Ogari Campground

Songane Ogari Campground

Songane Ogari Campground, located along the Hantan River, is a lively camping site that offers various experiences and parties throughout the seasons. This campsite features both a pension and camping ground.


Upon entering the campsite, you will find the riverside site shaded by trees on your right and the sports field site on your left. The riverside site offers a panoramic view of the Yeongpyeong Stream, accompanied by a stunning backdrop of craggy rocks and tranquil surroundings. The campsite is perfect for tenting with its spacious crushed rock sites, ensuring a comfortable camping experience. Within the campsite, there are playrooms, a library, and a sandbox for kids. Weekend evenings also feature movie screenings. During the summer, you can enjoy swimming and water play along the river. The trampoline area is divided into two sections by age, ensuring safety and no waiting time. Songane Ogari Campground is also famous for its experiential learning opportunities for kids, with programs varying by season and time, making it a favorite among children who love camping.

Features and benefits

  • The owners and their children have majored in music and art, offering various in-house events for children such as robot making, traditional games, and combined science and art activities.
  • Themed forest libraries and cultural events suitable for the season (Children’s Day events and Halloween tipi, etc.)
  • A space where parents can relax while the kids enjoy a movie screening.
  • A romantic space where you can enjoy time cooking in a traditional clay pot.
  • The swimming pool is open in June, July, and August.

Location and Contact Details

Address: 115, Jeonyeong-ro 1023beon-gil, Changsu-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

Telephone: 010-6480-2081

Nearby activities

Enjoy fishing, various activities, summer water play, and autumn foliage viewing spots. Walking trails are also available in the vicinity.