Experience Pure Camping: SolTi Campground in the Forest Valley

Solitude Forest Campground

Solitude Forest Campground

Immerse yourself in the pristine camping experience amidst the forest valley at the Solitude Forest Campground.


Situated in Danyang-gun, Chungbuk, the Danyang Solitude and Blue Pine Pension are located about 6 km from the Danyang County Office. It’s a mere 15-minute journey by car via Central 1 Road, Darian Road, and Cheondong 4th Street. Nestled in a lush forest, the campground is home to an impressive valley with a vigorous water stream right in front. This enables campers to not only enjoy the benefits of the forest but also to indulge in a cool water play during the summer.

The campground is equipped with 30 general camping spots. The ground structure is made up of crushed stones and decks. The size of crushed stone sites varies from 4m X 4m to 5m X 7m, while the deck sites come in various sizes including 4.5m X 6.1m. Trailers and caravans are allowed, and the site is closed annually from November to the following April.

Located close to the campground are various tourist spots such as Darian tourist site, Darian Waterfall, and Cheondong Cave, making it easy to plan a combined tour. There are also numerous restaurants nearby for you to enjoy a variety of cuisines.

Features and Benefits

  • Pension


10-7, Cheondong 4-gil, Danyang-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do


Telephone: 043-421-5789

Nearby Activities

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  • Summer Water Play
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