Romantic Camping Under the Stars at Gyeongju Namsans Stellar Campground

Starlit Camping Land

Starlit Camping Land
Nestled in front of Gyeongju’s famous Namsan Mountain, Starlit Camping Land is a romantic camping spot where you can feel the sky and nature without any roughness as it is located on a flatland. The beautiful night sky over Namsan Mountain adds to the serene ambiance of the campsite, making it a perfect retreat for nature lovers and campers.

Features and Benefits

  • Awe-inspiring view of the cool Namsan Mountain
  • Large swimming pool, half-court basketball, foot volleyball court, table tennis, swings, trampoline, sandbox, mini golf, and more
  • Spacious grounds perfect for outdoor activities
  • Free rental of board games and badminton at the snack bar
  • Expansive area for kids to run and play
  • Pet-friendly caravans with freely accessible dog exercise areas
  • Dog convenience facilities including a shower, dryer, and food bowl
  • Currently researching new glamping and children’s parks

Contact Information

Address: 3501-34 Bangudae-ro, Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do (Baedong)
Telephone: 0507-1342-2108

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