Riverside Auto Camping Site: A Traditional Campground set against the Backdrop of Dalcheon River

Riverside Auto Camping Ground

Riverside Auto Camping Ground

The Riverside Auto Camping Ground, originally named 강변오토캠핑장, is a traditional camping site with the beautiful Dalcheon river as its backdrop.


Located in Gyesan-eup, Goesan-gun, Chungbuk, the Riverside Camping Ground is roughly 7 kilometers away from the Goesan County Office. A short 10-minute drive via the Imkkokjeong road and the Chungmin road will lead you to this tranquil retreat. The camping site is situated along the Dalcheon river which originates from Mt. Sobaeksan and merges with the South Han River. This makes it an ideal location for summer campers who enjoy water activities. The camping ground offers 50 camping sites of three different sizes – 7m x 6m, 6m x 8m, and 6m x 10m. Reservations can be made through phone calls or online in real-time. The site is closed annually from December to February. Personal trailers and caravans are allowed, and small dogs are permitted in the camping area.

Features and Benefits

  • The camping ground is conveniently located beside the river, providing a picturesque view and easy access to the water.
  • There are local accommodations (known as ‘minbak’) available for those who prefer not to camp.

Location and Contact

The Riverside Auto Camping Ground is located at 317 Chungmin-ro, Gyesan-eup, Goesan-gun, Chungbuk. You can reach them at 043-832-7815 for any inquiries or reservations.

Nearby Activities

In addition to camping, there are several nearby activities that visitors can enjoy. These include fishing, summer water activities, and walking trails. There are also local attractions such as the Sanmaki Ancient Road and the Ssanggok Valley. Moreover, there is an on-site restaurant, so there’s no need to travel far for a delicious meal.