Embark on a Poetic Journey at Riverside Sari Campsite: Inspired by the Path of Poets Along the Seomjin River

Riverside Sari Campground

Riverside Sari Campground

A Brief Introduction

Embark on a sentimental literary camping trip along the Seomjin River, once tread by a poet. The Riverside Sari Campground is located in the Riverside Sari village on Gangdong Road, Deokchi-myeon, Imsil County. The Riverside Sari village is a brand made up of four villages – Mulwoori, Iljoongri, Jangamri, and Cheondamri – and the campground is jointly operated by the villagers. The village houses a literary museum dedicated to Kim Yong Taek, a poet famous for his Seomjin River poems. With a rural experience and recreation village, the exchange center offers a training center, meeting rooms, and cooking spaces where various experiential activities can be enjoyed.

Features and Benefits

The campground boasts clean facilities overall. Showers, toilets, and water taps are all powered by solar energy, making it an eco-friendly facility. Regardless of whether the sun is out or not, you can use the warm water heated by the sun. The campground is located along the Seomjin River, known for its pristine area, so you can enjoy water play in the river and even wilderness camping on the water’s edge. You can also catch marsh snails or fish, and if you bring ingredients for spicy fish soup, you can boil the fish you caught in the soup. Additionally, there are walking paths where poet Kim Yong Taek pondered his poems, making it perfect for a slow walk immersed in literary thoughts or a refreshing bike ride.

Contact Information and Location

  • Address: 865-20 Gangdong Road, Deokchi-myeon, Imsil County, Jeollabuk-do
  • Telephone: 063-642-5351

Nearby Activities

Spring flower trips and summer water play are popular activities in the vicinity of the Riverside Sari Campground, making it perfect for a variety of outdoor adventures.