Quiet Caravan & Auto Camping Site near Hwayang Bridge: Yeosu Sister Road Campground

Yeosu Sister Road Camping Site

Yeosu Sister Road Camping Site

The Yeosu Sister Road Camping Site is a serene caravan and auto camping site located near the Hwayang Bridge. Set in the natural beauty of Yeosu city, this camping site offers a unique camping experience combined with the traditional Korean culture. The camping site is within a 20-minute drive from the Jangdeung Beach and Baekya Island, making it an ideal place for those who love the sea.


The camping site is set on a 2,000 square meter plot in the Imok-ri area of Hwayang-myeon in Yeosu city. The Hwayang Bridge, which connects six islands from Goheung to Yeosu, is located right in front of the camping site. The address of the camping site is 170, Sister Road, Hwayang-myeon, Yeosu city, Jeollanam-do.


The camping site is divided into two sections. The lower section houses the administrative office, the pension, the caravan, and an outdoor swimming pool. The upper section features an auto camping site, a pond trout farm, a basketball hoop, and a chicken coop for a unique farming experience. The site also offers a fruit orchard and a trout farm experience, with pedal boat rentals available for campers.

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It’s a pity that no contact information or specific features and benefits are provided for this camping site. However, the Yeosu Sister Road Camping Site is undoubtedly a perfect getaway for those who love nature and the authentic Korean culture.