Naturalists Paradise: Suhoe Mountain Valley Tourist Farm & Camping Site Nestled Above Hantan River

So-Hoe-San-Ri Meng-Woo-Ri Gorge Tourism Farm (Campsite)

So-Hoe-San-Ri Meng-Woo-Ri Gorge Campsite

Perched atop the Hantan River columnar joints, the So-Hoe-San-Ri Meng-Woo-Ri Gorge Campsite is a nature-friendly camping ground that welcomes nature enthusiasts and campers alike.

A Glimpse into the Campsite

The Meng-Woo-Ri Gorge Campsite is located atop the columnar joints of the Hantan River in the Meng-Woo-Ri Gorge. It is a scenic spot along the third course of the Hantan River columnar joints trail. The Meng-Woo-Ri Gorge is a place that boasts one of the best landscapes in the Pocheon area of the Hantan River, alongside Hwajeok Yeon.

The campsite is near the Dove Gorge Waterfall and the Hantan River Sky Bridge, making it a perfect base camp for trips to the Hantan River columnar joints, designated as a UNESCO World Geopark. Especially, the entire campsite is located in a dense forest, and the water mist rising from the Hantan River in the morning and evening creates a spectacular sight.


The campsite is located at 399 Sohoe Mountain Road, Youngbuk-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do.

Nearby Activities

  • Fall Foliage Viewing Spot
  • Walking Trails

There’s no better way to embrace the Korean culture and nature than to camp at So-Hoe-San-Ri Meng-Woo-Ri Gorge Campsite. It offers not just a camping experience but also an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of nature and partake in nearby activities.