Namudal Rest Stop: Capturing the Vitality of Jirisan Mountain in Spring

Introduction to Namu Dal Shumteo (나무달쉼터) Restaurant

Nestled in the arms of the breathtaking Jirisan Mountain, the Namu Dal Shumteo (나무달쉼터) restaurant offers a unique dining experience. Run by local farmers, this establishment serves dishes specially crafted from the freshest ingredients handpicked from the surrounding mountain and homegrown in the fields of Hamyang-gun.

Namu Dal Shumteo Restaurant exterior

Location and Contact Details

Namu Dal Shumteo (나무달쉼터) is located at 225 Dae-sil-gil, Hamyang-eup, Hamyang-gun, Gyeongnam. You can reach out for reservations or queries on 055-963-6585.

Restaurant location map

Opening Hours

The restaurant opens from 12:00 noon up to 22:00 every day, except for Mondays. For their special Namu Dal set meal, it is compulsory to reserve a day in advance.

Signature Offering

The signature dish of the restaurant is the Mountain Vegetable Bibimbap, crafted with vegetables grown directly by the restaurant and the mountain greens from Jirisan. This locally-inspired dish showcases the vitality of spring and the life energy of Jirisan. It’s no wonder that it has been designated as a “Hamyang Health 100-year Food” by the Hamyang-gun local government.

Mountain Vegetable Bibimbap

Experience the Life Energy of Spring at Namu Dal Shumteo

Namu Dal Shumteo (나무달쉼터) encapsulates the spirit of spring and the vibrant life force of Jirisan in their traditional Korean cuisine. If you are looking for a gastronomical journey that not only satiates your taste buds but also feeds your soul, Namu Dal Shumteo is the destination for you.

Restaurant interior

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