Marlboro Man Auto-Campsite: The Ultimate Camping Experience with the Best View of Ulsan Rock

Marlboro Man Auto Camping Ground

Marlboro Man Auto Camping Ground

The Marlboro Man Auto Camping Ground, situated on the way to the famous Hwaamsa Temple, boasts the best view overlooking the Ulsanbawi Rock. From the camping site, you can gaze up at the majestic Ulsanbawi Rock, a sight that will surely take your breath away. Nestled roughly midway between Sokcho Beach and Seoraksan Mountain, the camping site offers a unique blend of coziness and coolness, reminiscent of a plateau.

Comprehensive Camping Facilities

This is a comprehensive camping ground complete with two pension buildings, three guesthouses, six caravans, five camping decks, and even a cafe. Each caravan, pension, and guesthouse comes equipped with various cooking tools and a private bathroom with hot water.

Prime Location

The camping site is conveniently located within a ten-minute drive to Hwaamsa Temple and Jamboree Field, as well as Bongpo and Cheonjin beaches.

Address and Nearby Activities

  • Address: 46 Seosinpyeong 1-gil, Toseong-myeon, Goseong-gun, Gangwon
  • Nearby Activities: Visit the famous autumn foliage viewing spots.

Unfortunately, no contact number is provided for the Marlboro Man Auto Camping Ground.