Experience the Majestic Pine Forest Camping at Sipripo Beach

Ten Mile Beach Campground

Situated on the northern tip of Yeongheung Island, the Ten Mile Beach Campground is renowned for its beautiful pine forest. This unique camping site offers a perfect blend of Korean culture and nature, providing campers with an unforgettable experience.

Ten Mile Beach Campground

About the Campground

Spread across 900 square yards, this centuries-old pine forest serves as a natural shade during the summer and a windbreak during the winter. Recognized as the only beach with ancient trees nationwide, the Ongjin County takes significant measures to protect this unique ecosystem. The campground boasts a beautiful 4-km long beach mixed with fine sand and gravel, and a 1-km fine sandy beach, blending effortlessly with the surrounding landscape. At night, the view extends up to the lights of Incheon Airport, creating a magnificent spectacle. The campground is set up on both sides of the pine forest of Ten Mile Beach. It is organized under the old pine trees and set up separately on the beach, where there is a public parking lot.

Facilities and Amenities

  • Nine pagodas and wooden decks at the top
  • Block decks placed next to it

Location and Contact Information

The Ten Mile Beach Campground is located at 388-1 Yeongheungbuk-ro, Yeongheung-myeon, Ongjin-gun, Incheon. For more information or to make a reservation, call 032-886-6717.

Nearby Activities

Visitors to the Ten Mile Beach Campground will find plenty of activities to enjoy in the surrounding area, including watching stunning sunsets, enjoying water sports, and swimming in the summer.