Fullmugol Glamping Site: A Caravan & Glamping Hub near Gosam Reservoir

Fulmugol Glamping Site

Fulmugol Glamping Site

Located in Anseong, the Fulmugol Glamping Site is nestled in the heart of Fulmugol, a place well-known for its mystifying water fog and fishing experiences. The location is advantageously close to the Kosam Reservoir – a popular spot for caravanning and glamping.

To reach the Fulmugol Glamping Site, one has to take the path leading to the Ssangji Health Clinic from the Kosam Reservoir. Passing the Ssangjiri 1gu Community Center, a little further ahead on the right, you will find the signpost for the Fulmugol Glamping Site. From this point, a short steep climb will lead you to the campsite.

Site Details

The campsite is divided into two sections in a stair-like arrangement. At the very bottom, there is a swimming pool, the midsection is dedicated to glamping, and the topmost part is set for caravans. The glamping section is particularly comfortable as it boasts an internal bathroom that also serves as a shower room.


The Fulmugol Glamping Site is located at 151-7, Ssangjiri, Kosam-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do.

Nearby Activities

Visitors to the Fulmugol Glamping Site can also enjoy the beauty of the spring flower travel, a delightful activity popular in the region during the blooming season.