Kwangneung Solgae Campsite: Experience the Fragrance of the Forest

Kwangneung Solgae Campsite

Kwangneung Solgae Campsite

Imagine the aromas of a forest, the feeling of being embraced by nature, and the sound of tranquility. All these and more can be experienced at Kwangneung Solgae Campsite, an oasis located near Kwangneung National Arboretum.

About the Campsite

Offering both a pension and campground, this site boasts over 40 spacious sites with gravel and decking. It’s the perfect place to soak up the natural phytoncides that waft through the air, adding a unique layer of relaxation to your camping experience. Thanks to the onsite pension, larger groups and families can enjoy the comfort of the pension along with their camping experience.

Not just another regular campsite, Kwangneung Solgae offers convenient facilities such as outdoor washstands and private bathroom stalls scattered throughout the site, saving you a trip to the shower block. Children will love the trampolines that are split into two areas, reducing wait times and doubling the fun.

In the summer, the campsite comes alive with the opening of the swimming pool. It’s not just the swimming pool, but the playground for young children makes it an ideal place for a family getaway. Indoors, a ping-pong hall and insect specimen room offer additional entertainment and learning for children.

When winter comes around, snow naturally forms on the campsite hills, creating a beautiful sledding experience. For those wanting to explore the surrounding areas, attractions include Pocheon National Arboretum, Gomori Cafe Village, Geumhyeon-ri Dolmen, Hwasan Seowon, Bearstown, Jugumsan, and Seo-undongsan.

Location and Contact Information

  • Address: 120, Gwangneungsumogwon-ro779beon-gil, Soheul-eup, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Telephone: 031-544-1260

Kwangneung Solgae Campsite offers a unique blend of camping and Korean culture. Whether you’re a camping enthusiast, a lover of Korean culture, or just someone looking for a tranquil getaway, Kwangneung Solgae Campsite is a destination you should consider.