Woongjin Auto Camping Site: Caravan Camping in Gongju Hanok Village

Gongju Hanok Village Ungjin Auto Camping Site

Gongju Hanok Village Ungjin Auto Camping Site

The Gongju Hanok Village Ungjin Auto Camping Site, known in Korean as 공주한옥마을 웅진오토캠핑장, is located in Ungjin-dong, Gongju-si, Chungnam. It’s a caravan site camping ground nestled within a traditional Hanok village.

Getting There

From Gongju City Hall, it’s about 3km away. You can reach the site by taking Ungjin-ro, Jemincheon 3-gil, and Gomanaru-gil, respectively. The journey takes approximately 10 minutes by car.

Camping Site Details

This private caravan site camping ground, managed by Gongju Hanok Village, can accommodate up to four vehicles at a time. Only owners of private caravans or trailers are allowed. Personal tents are not permitted. Campers can access electricity, water, and wireless internet during their stay. The campsite operates all year round, and reservations can be made via phone or online in real time.

Facilities and Nearby Attractions

There are three restaurants and a convenience store on-site, making it easy to eat and shop for camping necessities. Please note that pets, regardless of size, are not allowed. The camping site is surrounded by numerous tourist attractions, including the National Gongju Museum, Muryeong King’s Tomb, and Gomanaru Pine Forest Path. A variety of restaurants are also nearby for those looking to enjoy delicious cuisine.

Contact Info

  • Address: 12, Gwangwangdanji-gil, Ungjin-dong, Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam-do
  • Telephone: 041-840-8900

Nearby Activities

Enjoy the beautiful autumn leaves and take a stroll along the walking path. South Korea’s natural beauty and rich cultural heritage are on full display at the Gongju Hanok Village Ungjin Auto Camping Site.