Jipdari Camping Site: A Serene Getaway by Ji-Am Stream on the way to Jipdari Recreation Forest

Jipdari Camping Ground

The Jipdari Camping Ground, whose name translates to “House Bridge” in English, is a petit, yet charming camping site located along the path to Jipdari Valley Resort in Chuncheon. The name perhaps hints at the homely and cozy atmosphere this place offers. Situated alongside the Jiam River, the camping site is nestled in the Jiam-ri guesthouse village, conveniently close to restaurants and stores. The campsite itself gives off a unique vibe, as if it’s a family backyard transformed into a camping ground. Though small in size, it offers a distinctive charm with a beautiful landscape. An added advantage is the stream that flows right in front of the site, providing ample shade.

Jipdari Camping Ground

Location and Details

  • Address: 594 Hwak Jiam Road, Sabuk-dong, Chuncheon, Gangwon Province
  • Contact Information: Not available

Features and Benefits

Despite being a small campsite, the Jipdari Camping Ground offers a unique and intimate camping experience. The stream that flows by the site and the abundant shade make it an ideal spot for camping enthusiasts who prefer a quiet and serene environment.

Nearby Activities

While the campsite doesn’t have any particular activities listed, camping itself offers a plethora of opportunities to connect with nature, relax and rejuvenate. The site’s close proximity to restaurants and stores also makes it easier to experience local Korean culture and cuisine.