Harmony with Nature at Hapcheon Sopia Camping Site: Your Quiet Haven of Happiness

Hapcheon Sophia Camping

Hapcheon Sophia Camping

Imagine being at a tranquil and cozy campsite where you can find immense joy. The Hapcheon Sophia Camping is just that place. It’s a unique campsite where bungalows and auto camping sites are operated together.

Experience the Privacy and Space

Designed in a stair-step form, each site ensures independent space, safeguarding the privacy from neighbors. The sites are spacious enough to set up a tarp and dome tent, and still have enough room left to play with kids.

Charming and Well-Utilized Spaces

This campsite is quiet and charming. It features a mini-mart, mini-library, and a mini-coffee shop, showcasing an excellent utilization of space. The site manager offers free coffee, only charging for ice during the summer.

Summer Fun and Relaxation

During the summer, a mini swimming pool is available for kids to beat the heat. One section of the campsite has a hammock area installed, allowing for reading or a sweet nap. If the mini swimming pool doesn’t suffice, a water play area with facilities is located about 15 minutes away from the campsite. This place is so well-decorated; it feels like you’re at a water park.

Location and Contact

The Hapcheon Sophia Camping is located at 954 Hapcheonho Street, Bongsan-eup, Hapcheon-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do. For inquiries and reservations, you can reach them at 010-4629-7769.

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