Exploring Dalgoong Auto Camping Site: An Official National Park Campground at Jirisans Dalgoong Valley

Moon Palace Auto Camping Site

Moon Palace Auto Camping Site


Located in the Jirisan Moon Palace Valley, the Moon Palace Auto Camping Site is one of the leading campsites managed by Jirisan National Park. Boasting the capacity to accommodate approximately 400 tents, the campsite is also referred to as the Moon Palace Valley Auto Camping Site due to its prime location in Moon Palace Village and Moon Palace Valley.

Unique Features

Being an auto camping site, it allows campers the convenience of parking their cars right next to their tents, or setting up tents only. The Moon Palace Village is historically significant as it was where the Hyo King of Mahan, chased by Baekje forces and Byeonhan and Jinhan during the Three Kingdoms period, took refuge and built a fortress. The remnants of the fortress can still be found right below the village’s parking lot.

On either side of Banyabong peak are two ridges, Hwangnyeong and Jeongnyeong. Legend has it that when the Mahan King fled to Jirisan and built a fortress, Generals Hwang and Jeong carried out the task under the King’s orders. Upon completion of the fortress, the surrounding peaks were named after the two generals.

Contact Information

  • Address: 274 and 22 other locations, Deokdong-ri, Sannaemyeon, Namwon-si, Jeollabuk-do
  • Telephone: 063-630-8900

Nearby Activities

While there are no specific activities highlighted for this campsite, the cultural richness of the surrounding area and the natural beauty of the Jirisan National Park offer countless opportunities for exploration and adventure.