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Zelkova Tree Camping Ground

Imagine sitting by a valley, cooling off while listening to the whispers of the wind. This is what you experience at Zelkova Tree Camping Ground.

Located approximately 600m above sea level at the foot of Mt. Jirisan, this camping ground is surrounded by ancient and lush Zelkova trees that provide natural shade throughout the camping area. It’s a camping site that’s always cool and beautiful, making it a popular choice among campers.

Zelkova Tree Camping Ground is the only camping site in Yupyong Valley equipped with shower facilities, water supply, and shelter. Right next to the camping site is the stunning Yupyong Valley that’s so beautiful, it’s as if only the best parts of the valley have been placed there. Even just dipping your feet into the chilly water can send shivers of delight through your body. Time flies when you’re catching fish and playing in the water with your kids.

As you sit with your feet in the cool water, you can feel the wind blowing upstream in the valley. This relaxing time will help recharge your energy and refresh your mood. The camping ground also allows the simultaneous entry of pets.

Features and Benefits

Unfortunately, there are currently no specific features and benefits listed.

Location and Contact Information

  • Address: 807 Daewonsa-gil, Samjang-myeon, Sancheong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do
  • Telephone: 010-4873-7859

Nearby Activities

The Zelkova Tree Camping Ground offers a variety of seasonal activities. You can enjoy the spring flower tour, summer water play, autumn foliage viewing, and winter snow flower viewing.