Experience Serenity at Under the Zelkova Tree Shade – A Healing Camping Site in Korea

Under the Shade of the Zelkova Tree Campsite

Allow me to introduce you to a spectacular camping site that embodies the tranquility of Korean nature, the “Under the Shade of the Zelkova Tree Campsite” (느티나무그늘아래 캠핑장). As the name suggests, this family camping site is distinguished by the vast shade of a magnificent Zelkova tree, casting a soothing shadow on the area, making it a popular spot for campers.

Zelkova Tree Campsite

The campsite is conveniently located in Paju-si, Munsan-eup, Samok-ri, about 30-40 minutes from Ilsan in the northern part of the capital region. As you approach the campsite, you’ll notice a large Zelkova tree behind the management office. The tree’s broad branches extend in all directions, creating a vast shade which is a top favorite among campers. Naturally, the sites under the Zelkova tree’s shade are the first to get reserved.

Facilities and Features

This campsite can accommodate around 40 tents, with 15 of them on decks. There are also two group seats and a no-kids zone, making the site quite popular. You’ll find well-equipped amenities including restrooms, showers, washstands, and a convenience store. With hot water readily available and all facilities kept clean, your camping experience will be nothing short of comfortable.

  • Features and benefits: Quiet and cozy
  • Address: 48 Samok-ro, Munsan-eup, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Telephone: None

Nearby Activities

If you are looking to explore the local area, there are plenty of activities available. From spring flower viewing trips to visiting famous autumn foliage spots, the surrounding region offers a wealth of experiences that encapsulate the beauty of Korean nature.

So, why wait? Pack your camping gear and head to the “Under the Shade of the Zelkova Tree Campsite” for a serene and rejuvenating connection with nature.