Experience Nature Up Close: Kayak through Bicheolrins Pristine Forest Camping Site

Unveiling The Beauty of Bicheolrin Kayak Park Campground

Imagine the serenity of paddling through a pristine forest, reveling in its natural beauty, and camping right at the heart of it. That’s exactly what awaits you at the Bicheolrin Kayak Park Campground! Located in the western side of Jeju Island, this unique camping experience is a must-try for every nature enthusiast.

Bicheolrin Kayak Park Campground

Experience the Harmony of Nature and Leisure

Offering more than just a camping ground, Bicheolrin Kayak Park Campground lets you kayak leisurely along its man-made waterway, which is enveloped by untouched forest. You can also explore the 2,000-meter-long Jeju stone wall path and citrus groves along the cliffs, making it a comprehensive nature-themed experience.

Facilities Tailored for Your Comfort

The campground is divided into sections for auto camping, self-camping, and clay rooms. When using the self-camping site, you’ll need to transport your gear with a handcart. Don’t worry about the power, as there are distribution panels for electricity, and hot showers are available 24/7. The well-maintained swimming pool is a perfect play area for kids during the summer.

Interactive Experiences for Kids

The campground is teeming with interactive activities for kids. They can feed animals, learn basic safety measures before kayaking, and more. The sight of canola flower fields in the spring and the natural parade of pigs and chickens will surely bring more laughter and fun to the young ones.

Contact Information

  • Address: 725 Panpo-ri, Hangyeong-myeon, Jeju City, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
  • Telephone: 064-773-0000

With all these features and more, Bicheolrin Kayak Park Campground is indeed a haven for those seeking a fusion of relaxation and adventure. Visit us and experience the tranquility and joy of nature like never before.