Experience Nature at Wolaksan Gwangcheon Minbak Pension: A Charming Camping Site Surrounded by Mountains and Valleys

Wolaksan Kwangcheon Pension Campsite

Wolaksan Kwangcheon Pension Campsite
Wolaksan Kwangcheon Pension Campsite, nestled in the mountains and valleys, offers an eco-friendly auto camping experience. Located in Deoksan-myeon, Jecheon-si, Chungbuk, it’s approximately 45km from Jecheon City Hall, a journey of about 70 minutes by car via Cheongpung Lake, Wolak Road, and Dojeon Road. Here, you can enjoy camping in harmony with nature, thanks to its setting between the mountains and valleys.

Facilities and Services

The campsite has prepared 13 camping sites made of crushed stone, with each site measuring 6m in width and 5m in length. Individual fire pits and electricity are available for use. Personal trailers and caravans can be accommodated, with the usage fee being the same as the campsite. The campsite operates only in spring, summer, and autumn, and reservations can be made by phone. A convenience store is in operation, selling simple food items as well as firewood, charcoal, and other camping necessities. Pets are allowed to enter regardless of size.

Attractions and Activities

The campsite is surrounded by numerous tourist attractions, including the Kosan Temple Stone Seated Buddha, the Deokjusa Temple Stone Seated Buddha, and more. Wol Song Garden, a famous restaurant known for its Deodeok Gui and native chicken dishes, is also nearby. In the summer, water activities are a popular pastime.

Contact Information

Address: 18-1, Wolaksan-ro 5-gil, Deoksan-myeon, Jecheon-si, Chungbuk
Telephone: 043-651-9128