Experience MongSanPo: A National Park-operated Car Camping Site by the Beach

Mongsanpo Car Camping Site

Mongsanpo Car Camping Site

The Mongsanpo Car Camping Site situated right next to the Mongsanpo Beach is a public campground directly managed by the National Park Management Corporation. The Mongsanpo Beach, part of the Taean Coast National Park, boasts a sandy beach that stretches 3.5km and unveils a 3km wide floor during low tide due to its gentle slope. Not to mention, clamming during this time is a charming feature unique to Mongsanpo.

While the location is popular as a summer beach, it also exudes the charm of the winter sea. South of Mongsanpo Beach, you will find Dalsanpo Beach, which leads you to Cheongpodaegi Beach. Although Cheongpodaegi spans 7km along the coast, the sandy beach used for bathing is around 1km.

Amenities and Reservations

The Mongsanpo Car Camping Site is a fully equipped facility with 155 units including showers, cooking areas, and toilets. It operates through an internet pre-booking system from March to November. The nearby Mongsanpo Beach and natural observation roads make it an excellent learning space for children. Furthermore, the Solmoe Path, the fourth course of the beautiful Taean Beach Road, begins here, allowing visitors to enjoy the stunning natural scenery of the Taean Coast.

Location and Contact

  • Address: 54 Mongsanpo-gil, Nam-myeon, Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
  • Telephone: 070-7004-5349

Nearby Activities

  • Sunset viewing
  • Fishing
  • Summer water activities
  • Walking paths