Experience Camping and Kids Education Simultaneously at Yeosu Guljeon Leisure Campsite

Yeoso Guljeon Leisure Camping Site: A Perfect Blend of Camping and Education

The Yeoso Guljeon Leisure Camping Site, in the heart of Guljeon village in Pyeongsari, is a fantastic location that offers a unique blend of camping and education. This site is a remodelled old Guljeon elementary school that has been purchased and developed by the Yeosu City government. Managed by Yeosu Cultural Broadcasting, it now serves as a camping site with remodeled sleeping facilities and seminar rooms.

Yeoso Guljeon Leisure Camping Site

The site features a well-marked guide map carved in wood, making it easy to locate various facilities. The ground is tiled, and the site is equipped with amenities such as restrooms, showers, cooking areas, and laundry rooms.

Surrounding Attractions

Yeoso Guljeon Leisure Camping Site is not just about camping; it’s surrounded by plenty of attractions and activities. Named after the oysters that are abundant in the village, you can visit the oyster farms located at the Guljeon coastline near the camping site. Every late autumn, flocks of Goni (a natural monument) fly in and flaunt their elegant demeanor until early March. The site also features a sea clay Olle trail for walks.

Additionally, the camping site is close to famous attractions like Hyangilam – a renowned sunrise spot, Bangjukpo beach, Musulmok Beach, and Jeonnam Fisheries Science Museum, making it a great place for a Yeosu trip and a wonderful educational spot for kids.


  • Address: 3017-15, Dolsan-ro, Dolsan-eup, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do
  • Telephone: 1588-3896

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