Experience Camping and ATV Adventure at Hemingway Glamping Site!

Hemingway Glamping

Catch the best of both worlds: camping and ATV riding at Hemingway Glamping!

Located on Mangyang Road in Yeosu, Hemingway Glamping is situated where the mountains and the sea are visible at a glance. This allows campers to enjoy the refreshing air, the scent of the sea, and the sea breeze. In addition to camping, this site offers a variety of experiences.

Attractions and Activities

  • Within the glamping site, you can enjoy ATV rides that run through the mountains and along the coast.
  • There are train play facilities for children.
  • Guests can enjoy water play in the clean stream and at night, the place is illuminated with lights, creating a spectacular night view.

Facilities and Amenities

The glamping site boasts facilities that rival that of pensions. It is equipped with basic camping tools, individual toilets, and heating facilities. There is a spacious restaurant, so even if you didn’t bring your own food, you can easily solve your meals.

Nearby Tourist Sites

There are several attractions nearby such as Manseongri Black Sand Beach, Yeosu Marine Rail Bike, Yeosu Marine Cable Car, Dolsan Island & Dolsan Bridge, Yeosu Expo, and Odong Island. For guests staying overnight, a discount voucher for Yeosu Rail Bike is provided, allowing you to use it at a cheaper price than the original.


Address: 301 Mangyang-ro, Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do

Phone: 010-6834-6226

Nearby Activities

Activities around the area include Spring flower trips, Summer water play, Autumn foliage spots, and walking trails.