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Woongcheon Riverside Park Campground

Woongcheon Riverside Park Campground

Today let’s embark on a journey to the Woongcheon Riverside Park Campground, a charming spot tucked away in Yeosu City. This campground is a delightful fusion of fun activities and affordability that will make any camper’s heart flutter with excitement.

A Pocket-friendly Paradise

Located in the Woongcheon district of Yeosu City, the Woongcheon Riverside Park Campground offers 70 general camping sites, each with an option of a deck or bare ground. The campsite is well-maintained by the Yeosu City administration, ensuring a clean and comfortable stay. But what truly sets this campsite apart is its unbeatable affordability. Deck sites cost a mere 10,000 Won, while non-deck sites are only 5,000 Won.

Adding to this, the Riverside Park offers free access to a variety of water activities such as paddle boats, kayaks, dinghy yachts, and windsurfing. Considering the price and the amenities, it is no exaggeration to call this the best campground in terms of value for money.

Unique Location and Nearby Attractions

The campground offers a unique setting with an apartment complex at its rear and an expansive sea view at its front. This rare combination of urban and natural landscapes is hard to find elsewhere. The presence of apartments nearby means that you have easy access to restaurants and markets, making it convenient to procure any essentials.

In front of the campground, you’ll find the island of Jangdo, perfect for a relaxing walk or a full-circle stroll. There’s also a beach nearby, perfect for cool strolls and refreshing dips. However, make sure you act fast and reserve in advance, especially during summer, as the beach tends to get crowded with campers and beach-goers alike.

Contact Details and Nearby Activities

  • Address: 1692, Woongcheon-dong, Yeosu City, Jeollanam-do
  • Telephone: 061-685-3314
  • Nearby activities: Water sports, fishing, summer water games, walking trails

So there you have it, the Woongcheon Riverside Park Campground – a camper’s paradise that combines a touch of Korean culture, vibrant nature, and pocket-friendly prices. Happy camping!