Exotic Camping under Palm Trees at Geumneung Beach Campsite

Geumneung Beach Campsite

Geumneung Beach Campsite

Located on the beautiful island of Jeju, the Geumneung Beach Campsite offers an exotic camping experience under palm trees. This campsite is seamlessly connected with the bustling and vibrant Hyeopjae Beach, but it exudes a more modest charm in comparison.

Experience the Charm of Geumneung Beach Campsite

Positioned under a forest of palm trees ranging from 2 to 30 meters high, the campsite offers a unique and tranquil setting. However, it’s important to note that parking is not available at the campsite itself. Instead, campers must park at the free parking area behind the beach and then proceed to the campsite. Once you’re there, you’re free to set up your camp anywhere within the campsite area.

Camping at Geumneung Beach Campsite is free, and additional facilities such as showers and washing areas are available during the summer beach opening season for a nominal fee. For restroom facilities, campers can use the public toilets at the beach.

Features and Benefits

  • Geumneung Beach Campsite is a popular spot for summer camping.
  • Campers can enjoy a variety of nearby activities including sunset viewing, summer water activities, and walking trails.

Contact Information

Address: 2027, Geumneung-ri, Hallim-eup, Jeju City, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province

Telephone: 064-728-3983

Nearby Attractions

For those looking for more to do, the campsite is located near various attractions such as sunset viewing spots, summer water play areas, and walking paths, adding more excitement to your camping experience.