Embrace the Beauty of the Night Sky at Moonlight Glamping Site: Experience Sentimental Camping.

Moonlight Glamping Ground

Moonlight Glamping Ground

Bask in the beauty of the night sky while enjoying an emotional camping experience at the Moonlight Glamping Ground.


The Moonlight Glamping Ground, which opened in July 2017, is a glamping site that stretches over 20,000 pyeong at the foot of Myeongseongsan Mountain. Surrounded by natural forests on all sides, it consists of a total of 10 buildings. True to its location on the mountainside, the air is clean and the atmosphere is relaxing, making it a great place for those tired from their busy daily lives in the city to quietly rest and relieve their stress. As the name suggests, when the lights come on at the glamping site in the dark night, an emotional landscape unfolds as if the moon is shining in the dark night sky.

This place has a spacious parking lot, and a hammock is installed in front of each building. Also, each site has its own table, making it great for meals or tea time, and BBQ tables are set up for you to enjoy the highlight of camping, the BBQ party. Particularly, there is a vegetable garden in the campsite where you can freely pick and eat lettuce, corn, etc. The indoor facilities are well equipped with heating and cooling systems, so you can stay warm with heating when it’s cold and cool with air conditioning when it’s hot. Moreover, it has most of the facilities needed for camping, making it a good place to come and go lightly.

Location & Contact Information

  • Address: 167 Hwadae-ri, Ildong-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Telephone: 010-9030-3294

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