Experience Countryside Camping Under the Starlit Sky at Moonlight Fine Byeonggok Campsite

Moonlit Elegant Byunggok Campsite

Imagine a night under the stars, camping in the serenity of the mountains. This is exactly what you’ll experience at the Moonlit Elegant Byunggok Campsite.

Moonlit Elegant Byunggok Campsite

The campsite was established as part of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs’ comprehensive rural development project. It is run by local residents and offers a wide range of facilities for families and groups, including camping and experiential places.

  • The campsite has over 40 crushed stone sites.
  • It includes a variety of play facilities, such as a foot volleyball court.
  • The natural swimming pool, created by blocking the clear valley water flowing down from Deogyusan, is perfect for water play as it is not deep.

Experiences and Facilities

Byunggok Campsite is known for its numerous experiential learning opportunities for children. It offers a small library in the forest where it shows constellations through videos and provides detailed explanations. The Wolseong Recreation Center is also not to be missed. You can experience the rustic atmosphere with mountain village experiences and wild vegetable cooking, using various facilities of the resort. The site is pet-friendly, and private trailers taking up large spaces need to contact and reserve in advance.

Contact Information

Address: 448 Byunggok-gil, Buk-sang-myeon, Geoje-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

Telephone: 010-5729-6666

Unfortunately, there are no specific nearby activities indicated. However, with the wealth of facilities and experiences available at the Moonlit Elegant Byunggok Campsite, you’re sure to have a memorable camping experience.