Dukdongwon Restaurant: Home to Millennium-old Traditions and Essence of Nature

Discover the Authentic Taste of Korea at 덕동원 (Duk Dong Won)

Located in a serene mountain village, far from the bustling city noise, lies a hidden gem – 덕동원 (Duk Dong Won). This restaurant is nestled in the upstream area of 주암호 (Jooamho), a protected water supply zone, and 조계산 송광사 (Jogyesan Songgwangsa), a place of deep historical significance in South Korea. Duk Dong Won is a remarkable place where a thousand years of tradition meets the breath of nature.

Experience the Essence of Korean Cuisine

The unique aspect of Duk Dong Won is its commitment to authenticity and sustainability. The restaurant prides itself on using fresh, locally sourced produce in all of its dishes. The menu is a labor of love, reflecting the culinary skills of local mothers and the dedication of the restaurant’s team. The result is a sumptuous natural feast of over 30 dishes, each one a testament to Korea’s rich food culture.

Essential Information

  • Name: 덕동원 (Duk Dong Won)
  • Address: 전남 순천시 송광면 덕동길 70-1
  • Telephone: 061-755-0009 / 010-7622-0667
  • Booking: Advance reservations are required at least 3 days in advance for groups of 20 or more. For reservations, overnight stays are also possible.
  • Hours: Open for lunch. However, operation hours may vary based on booking arrangements.
  • Closed: Open all days – but only available for use with a prior reservation.