Maumjari: Where Body and Soul Unite Through Food

Warm Welcome to Maumjari (마음자리)

I had the pleasure of visiting Maumjari, a unique farm-to-table style restaurant nestled in the countryside of Gyeryong city, Chungcheongnam province. The address is 218 Gwangseokhyanghan-gil, Eumsa-myeon, Gyeryong-si, Chungcheongnam-do (formerly Hyanghan-ri 337-1). This place is not just a restaurant, but a haven where food connects the body and soul, as their slogan suggests: “A place where the body and mind become one through food”.

About Maumjari

Maumjari operates on the food philosophy that “where there is heart, there is taste”. They serve dishes that are comforting for both the body and soul. What sets Maumjari apart is their unswerving commitment to using natural seasoning in all their dishes, resulting in meals that are satisfying yet leave your palate cleansed and light.

The Specialties at Maumjari

Maumjari also prides itself on their homemade traditional Korean sauces (장), which are made with much care and attention. As a sauce and pickled goods processing farm, Maumjari offers various experiences with their traditional sauces. Additionally, you can easily purchase these sauces to take home with you. They have been recognized by customers for their innovative use of these sauces, developing dishes like ssamjang spread using cheonggukjang and salad dressings.

Opening Hours and Reservation

Maumjari operates from 9 am to 8 pm. However, it is closed every Friday. It’s always a good idea to make a reservation before heading there due to their popularity. You can reach them at 042-551-4996. It’s a place that is well worth the visit for both the food and the experience. I hope you enjoy your experience at Maumjari as much as I did!