Flowering Fig House: Gourmet Delights Made with Figs and Fresh Seafood

Welcome to Kkotpineun Muhwagajib (꽃피는 무화家)

Allow me to introduce you to Kkotpineun Muhwagajib (꽃피는 무화家), a charming restaurant run by two diligent sisters nestled in the heart of Shinan County, Jeonnam (전남 신안군 압해읍 압해로 393-2(구, 신장리 532-13)). Famed for its fusion of fresh figs and pristine seafood, this culinary destination is a treasure trove of tantalizing flavors unique to this part of Korea.

Kkotpineun Muhwagajib Exterior

Operating Hours and Reservation

The restaurant operates from 11:30 to 19:30, excluding Sundays and public holidays (매주 일요일, 공휴일). It’s always open, catering for at least two customers but dinner operates strictly under a reservation system. You can make your reservation by calling 061-217-5552.

Kkotpineun Muhwagajib Interior

Slogan and Specialties

The slogan of Kkotpineun Muhwagajib is “무화과와 청정 해산물로 만든 맛집”, which translates to “a gourmet restaurant made with figs and pristine seafood.” The restaurant prides itself on its homemade fermentation liquid prepared from figs grown by the owners themselves. This special sauce adds a unique twist to the dishes!

Specialty Dishes

The Experience

One sister passionately masters the kitchen, while the other brilliantly manages the hall. The harmonious coordination between the sisters is a delight to witness. Their offerings, from their home-grown vegetables to their perfectly seasoned dishes, will ensure your chopsticks won’t rest until your plate is empty. Their modest but flavorful side dishes are a testament to their homegrown roots and culinary devotion.

Homegrown Vegetables

Final Thoughts

Visiting Kkotpineun Muhwagajib is more than just dining, it’s a wholesome experience. The welcoming ambiance, heartfelt service, and the dishes steeped in local flavors make it a must-visit spot in your Korean gastronomic journey.

Kkotpineun Muhwagajib Dining Experience