Discover Mungyeong Hidden Valley: The Pristine Riverside Campsite

Mungyeong Hidden Valley Auto Camping Site

Mungyeong Hidden Valley Auto Camping Site

The Mungyeong Hidden Valley Auto Camping Site is a pristine camping spot nestled in the valley and located in Gaeun-eup, Mungyeong-si, Gyeongbuk. It’s about 30km away from Mungyeong City Hall, and you can reach it by driving along Mungyeong Road, Gwang Road, and Daya Road in that order. The journey takes around 40 minutes. The water flowing from Yongchugyegok and Sunyudonggyegok has formed a small valley where the campsite is located. Thanks to this, many visitors come to enjoy both valley waterplay and camping.

The cleanliness of the exterior and interior of various auxiliary facilities gives a luxurious cafe-like illusion. The camping site has 35 general camping sites, consisting of 6 grass sites, 27 gravel sites, and 2 deck sites. It also allows entry with personal trailers and caravans. Camping equipment such as tents, reel lines, and heating equipment are also available for rent. It operates all year round regardless of weekdays and weekends.

In addition to camping, there are plenty of activities nearby. The national Dayasan Natural Recreation Forest, Yongchugyegok, and Sunyudonggyegok are all close by, making for easy sightseeing. There are also many restaurants around the valley for food lovers. Moreover, the site is perfect for enjoying summer waterplay.


  • Address: 441 Jukmun-ri, Gaeun-eup, Mungyeong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
  • Telephone: 054-572-3247
  • Nearby activities: Summer waterplay