Deogyusan 700 Wheeling Camp: Experience a Neverland-like Fantastical Camping Adventure!

Deogyusan 700 Whirling Camp: Your Neverland in the Heart of Korea

Deogyusan 700 Whirling Camp

Imagine a camping experience straight out of a fairytale, a place so enchanting that you almost expect Peter Pan to turn up. Welcome to the Deogyusan 700 Whirling Camp, your Neverland in the heart of Korea.

About Deogyusan 700 Whirling Camp

Located within the Muju Neverland, Deogyusan 700 Whirling Camp is a unique destination that offers more than just camping. Here, you can enjoy a stay in a pension or a caravan, as well as the quintessential camping experience. The Muju Neverland is a storybook-like village nestled along a valley under the majestic mountain range of Baekdudaegan. It’s a dream come true for its owner, who, since elementary school, had always wanted to create a village straight out of the Peter Pan novel.

Facilities and Amenities

Muju Neverland comprises 13 pensions, 3 caravans, and 7 camping sites. All the pensions are built in Finnish-style log cabins, with interiors and exteriors made of wood. The site also has group rooms and seminar rooms, making it an excellent choice for group travelers. The camping site is located near a stream, ensuring a constant soothing soundtrack of water and birdsong. Except for sunrise, all sites are shaded by trees throughout the day, providing a comfortable and cool environment. Plus, every site has its own water faucet, eliminating the hassle of carrying dishware to and fro.

Dining and Activities

The camp is home to an apple orchard where you can enjoy apple picking. There’s also a restaurant within the campsite, renowned for its delicious cuisine. They serve healthy meals prepared with fresh produce from their own farm and local food. The menu includes trout sashimi and native chicken soup, which are definitely worth a try.

Contact Details

  • Address: 289-55 Gucheondong-ro, Mupung-myeon, Muju, Jeollabuk-do
  • Telephone: 063-322-8338

Nearby Activities

Deogyusan 700 Whirling Camp is also an excellent base to explore the nearby attractions. It’s a famous spot for viewing autumn foliage and winter snowscapes.