Experience Nature and Enjoy Camping at Deokyu Camp Farm

Virtuous Camp Farm (덕유캠프농장)

Experience nature and enjoy camping at the Virtuous Camp Farm. Located at the foot of Mt. Muju Deokyu, this campsite offers you a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural experiences.

Virtuous Camp Farm

About the Campsite

The Virtuous Camp Farm spans over 16,500 square meters, boasting 70 general camping sites and 8 glamping facilities. The sites are made of crushed stone and misato. Surrounded by pristine nature, the air is fresh and the nearby Gucheondong Valley flows with a soothing sound. The chirping birds in harmony with the flow of the water allows you to truly immerse yourself in nature. The long and wide Gucheondong Valley has areas for both children and adults to play and swim in.

Features and Benefits

Apart from camping, the Virtuous Camp Farm offers various experiences that are beneficial for a child’s emotional development and education. They operate an insect experience education farm where you can participate in various programs. The campsite also houses an eco-friendly vegetable garden where you can observe and freely pick lettuce, peppers, perilla leaves, green onions, etc. The vegetables are pesticide-free, making them healthy as well. They even have a small zoo where you can observe animals like chickens up close.

  • Address: 1262-4 Gucheondong-ro, Seolcheon-myeon, Muju-gun, Jeollabuk-do
  • Telephone: Not available

Nearby Activities

During winter, you can enjoy skiing and visit famous spots for observing snow flowers. The Virtuous Camp Farm is not just a place to camp, but a destination where you can experience the richness of Korean culture and nature.