Ye Dang Tourism Area: National Leisure Camping Ground – The Unison of Pristine Lake and Mountain

Introducing: Yedang Tourist Spot National Leisure Campground

Yedang Campground

Located in the heart of South Korea, the Yedang Tourist Spot National Leisure Campground blends the pristine beauty of a lake with the rugged charm of surrounding mountains. This campground is a refuge for nature enthusiasts and Korean culture aficionados, situated in Eungbong-myeon, Yesan County, Chungnam province.

Getting There

Just approximately 8km from Yesan County Hall, the campground is easily accessible by car. A scenic drive along Yesan Road, Yeokjeon Road, and Yedang Tourist Road will lead you to the campsite. The journey should take around 20 minutes, nestled on the banks of the Yedang Reservoir, the lifeline of Chungnam province. Surrounded by mountains that offer a unique landscape in each season, the campsite is bustling with campers throughout its operating period.

Facilities and Features

The campground is equipped with 27 car camping sites, all of which are grass covered. Each site is 7m x 8m, perfectly accommodating personal trailers and caravans. The campsite also offers cable rentals at the management office. While it operates all year round, the campground is closed for a brief period from January to February.

Reservations can be made online in real time. The site is also surrounded by abundant tourism resources such as Bongsusan Natural Recreation Forest and the traditional house of Kim Jeong-hee, a renowned scholar in the Joseon Dynasty. Numerous restaurants specializing in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese cuisine are available in the vicinity of the campsite.

Essential Information

  • Address: 123 Yedang Tourist Road, Eungbong-myeon, Yesan County, Chungnam Province
  • Telephone: 041-339-8299

Nearby Activities

While the campsite does not offer specific activities, the surrounding area is rich with opportunities for sightseeing and exploration, making the Yedang Tourist Spot National Leisure Campground a perfect destination for those who love camping, Korean culture, and nature.