Wolak Healing Campsite: A Family Camping Experience Nestled between Eoksu Stream and Wolak Mountain

Wolak Healing Camping Ground

Wolak Healing Camping Ground

Known in Korean as 월악힐링캠핑장, the Wolak Healing Camping Ground is a family-friendly camping site nestled in the heart of the lush mountainous region of Wolak and the serene Oksoo Valley.

Location and Accessibility

The campsite is located in Deoksan-myeon, Jecheon-si, Chungbuk, approximately 47km from Jecheon City Hall. You can reach the campsite by driving through the beautiful landscapes of Cheongpung Lake, Wolak Road, and Dojeon Road, a journey that takes around 70 minutes.

Facilities and Features

The campsite offers 32 general camping sites composed of gravel. The site dimensions vary, with 18 sites measuring 7m x 6m and 14 sites measuring 7m x 8m. Amenities available include fireplaces, electricity, and wireless internet. Personal trailers are welcome, with the same fees as the general camping sites.

Operations and Amenities

The campsite operates all year round and accepts reservations online in real-time. A building that doubles as an administrative office operates a convenience store where you can purchase firewood for the fireplace and simple snacks. However, please note that pets are not allowed on the premises.

Local Attractions

Nearby, there are numerous tourist spots including the Wolak Mountain National Park and Yonghagugok. The famous Wolak Mountain restaurant, known for its wild vegetable bibimbap, is also a great stop for food lovers.


The campsite is located at 767 Wolak Mountain Road, Deoksan-myeon, Jecheon-si, Chungbuk.