Whajeon Byeolgok: Capturing South Sea Flavors with Seasonal Fresh Anchovies, Only Available in Spring

Experience the True Taste of Namhae at 화전별곡 (Hwajeon Byeolgok)

Deep in the heart of the beautiful Namhae, nestled among flourishing farms and breathtaking landscapes, lies a hidden gem where the flavors of the land come alive – 화전별곡 (Hwajeon Byeolgok). An oasis for food lovers, this unique farm-run restaurant pays homage to the culture and beauty of Namhae, ensuring a dining experience you’ll never forget.

Immerse Yourself in the Flavors of Namhae

화전별곡 (Hwajeon Byeolgok)’s name pays tribute to the beauty of Namhae. The term “Hwajeon” is often used to refer to Namhae, signifying the beautiful combination of 꽃화(花) or flower and 밭전(田) which is a field. “별곡” is inspired by the song <화전 별곡>, praising the beauty of Namhae, composed by early Joseon calligrapher Jaram Kim Guseong during his exile. This unique restaurant aims to encapsulate the beauty of Namhae in its dishes.

Savor Our Locally Sourced Specialties

화전별곡 (Hwajeon Byeolgok) takes pride in its use of local ingredients, showcasing the richness and diversity of Namhae’s native produce. The restaurant’s signature Hwajeon set meal and Byeolgok Han Sang banquet are filled with dishes made with these locally sourced ingredients, allowing diners to experience the true taste of Namhae in every bite.

Practical Information

  • Address: 경남 남해군 남해읍 오동로94-1 (94-1 Odong-ro, Namhae-eup, Namhae-gun, Gyeongnam)
  • Opening hours: 11:30~14:00, 17:30~20:00
  • Days off: Every Sunday and Monday
  • Telephone: 055-863-2790

Experience the Seasons of Namhae

The restaurant’s slogan, “봄에만 만날수 있는 생멸치로 남해의 맛을 담다”, which translates to “Capturing the taste of Namhae with fresh anchovies available only in spring,” encapsulates their passion for seasonal eating. 화전별곡 (Hwajeon Byeolgok) ensures that each visit allows you to taste the best of what the season has to offer.

Whether you’re a food enthusiast or just a traveler looking for an authentic Korean dining experience, 화전별곡(Hwajeon Byeolgok) promises a feast for all your senses. So come and immerse yourself in the flavors of Namhae.