Relaxing at Tadak Tadak Campground: Offering General and Auto-Camping in the Foothills of Hwayang Valley, Goesan County

Tadaktadak Campground

Tadaktadak Campground

Located on the hillside of Hwayang Valley in Goesan County, North Chungcheong Province, the Tadaktadak Campground- or in Korean, 타닥타닥캠핑장- is a welcoming haven for traditional campers and caravan enthusiasts alike.


Positioned scenically within the reaches of Hwayang Valley, this campground offers a unique chance to immerse yourself in the area’s natural beauty. It’s an auto camping site, which means it provides facilities for both ordinary camping and car camping.

Features and benefits


79-5 Dogyeongro Huyeong 5-gil, Cheongcheon-myeon, Goesan-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do


Nearby activities

During the summer, the area offers exciting water activities and walking trails for those who love to explore by foot.