Suwon Mountain Auto Campsite: Immerse in Nature with a Homely Touch

Swansan Auto Camping Ground

Swansan Auto Camping Ground

The Swansan Auto Camping Ground is a quaint and serene retreat nestled at the foot of Swansan Mountain, not far from Pocheon city center, boasting the charm of a quiet countryside. The campsite is divided into three zones (Valley Site Zone, Kids Zone, and Pine Zone), with 27 crushed stone surfaces and 13 mats. The ample space between sites ensures a comfortable stay throughout your camping adventure.

A Campsite that Smells Like Nature

The best way to describe the Swansan Auto Camping Ground is a campsite that smells like nature. Lying next to the campsite is a stream, making it an ideal spot for children to catch fish and play in the water. Besides, there are a trampoline and two sandpits, perfect for children to immerse themselves in fun and play. In the summer, kids can have a great time in the stream and swimming pool, while in winter, the mountain trail at the back naturally turns into a sledding slope.

Facilities and Benefits

  • The camping ground is equipped with modern shower and toilet facilities that provide hot water 24/7. There are also baby changing facilities, making it convenient for the little campers.
  • Next to the campsite, there is an organic vegetable garden where you can pick and eat vegetables like peppers, lettuce, and perilla leaves.

Location and Contact

Address: 50-29, Cheonggun-ro 2985beon-gil, Gunnae-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do

Telephone: 031-535-4308

Nearby Activities

The site presents a range of activities throughout the year, such as fishing, spring flower viewing, summer water play, autumn foliage viewing, winter snow flower viewing, and walking trails.