Sumjingang Campsite: Caravan Camping Alongside Dongjingang River with Cafe Palomvini

Seomjingang Camping Ground

Seomjingang Camping Ground
Seomjingang Camping Ground, also known as the Dongjingang River Caravan Campsite, is an exceptional camping ground situated next to the enchanting Palombini Cafe. This location is well worth the detour when heading towards Sunchang from Jeonju.

Location and Surroundings

On the route towards Naejangsan Mountain in Jeongeup, the European-style Palombini Cafe is strikingly noticeable on the opposite side of the Sanoe Hanwoo village. Seomjingang Camping Ground is nestled right beside this cafe. It is specifically designed for caravans and is located on the left side of the cafe. The Dongjingang, a tributary of the Seomjingang, flows right in front of the campsite and a beautifully landscaped lawn adorns the side of the cafe.

Contact Information

  • Address: 445-30, Sannoe-ro, Sannoe-myeon, Jeongeup-si, Jeonbuk, South Korea
  • Telephone: 063-537-8688

Unfortunately, there are no additional features, benefits, or nearby activities listed for this camping ground. However, the serene environment and the proximity to the Dongjingang River and Palombini Cafe promise a relaxing and enjoyable camping experience.