Sounds of Water Scenery: A Serene Camping Site Set Against the Double Curvature Valley

Sound of Water Scenic Campsite (물소리풍경 캠핑장)

Located in the scenic backdrop of the Ssanggok Valley, the Sound of Water Scenic Campsite is an idyllic general campground nestled in the Chilseong-myeon area of Goesan County, Chungbuk.

Sound of Water Scenic Campsite

The campsite is approximately 14 km from Goesan County Office, a mere 15-minute drive along the Im Kkokjeong Road and Ssanggok Road. It’s conveniently situated in one of the top tourist spots of Goesan, the Ssanggok Valley, making it a popular destination for those seeking a refreshing dip in the water and a camping experience during the summer.

Features and Benefits

  • Platform rental
  • 20 general camping sites, each approximately 6m x 7m in size
  • Closed from November to March each year
  • Reservations can be made over the phone only
  • No personal trailers or caravans allowed

Location and Contact

Address: 351 Ssanggok-ro, Chilseong-myeon, Goesan-gun, Chungbuk
Telephone: 010-6540-7000

Nearby Activities

The campsite itself is located in the Ssanggok Valley, with the Sanmak Ancient Road nearby, making it easy to enjoy a variety of activities. There are also several restaurants in the vicinity where you can indulge in your favorite dishes. The highlight for many, however, is the summer water play.