Sancheong Jiri Valley Camping Site: Peaceful Forest Getaway for Your Vacation

Sancheong Jiri Valley Campground: A Quiet Getaway in Nature’s Embrace

Sancheong Jiri Valley Campground

Sancheong Jiri Valley Campground is an ideal spot for those looking for a peaceful vacation amidst woodland serenity. This beautiful auto campground, located in Sancheong, Gyeongnam, is surrounded by mountains, making it a perfect place to breathe in fresh air and enjoy scenic views.

What Makes Sancheong Jiri Valley Campground Special?

Divided by a valley, the sites of the campground are interconnected by a red cloud bridge, which not only serves as a pathway but has also become a symbol of the Sancheong Jiri Valley Campground. As a newly established campground, it prides itself on maintaining clean facilities, including a shower room and a washing area with hot water.

The campground also features spacious sites with over 60 natural stone pebbles, ensuring a comfortable and leisurely experience for campers. The use of crushed stones minimizes dust and inconvenience. The beautiful scenery visible from the foot of the mountain promises to offer urbanites a respite and a healing experience.

The pristine, refreshing waters of the valley provide a natural playground for children. Nearby attractions include Donguibogam Village and Saengcho International Sculpture Park.

Essential Details

  • Address: 307 Wangdeungjae-ro, Geumseo-myeon, Sancheong-gun, Gyeongnam
  • Telephone: 055-974-2800

Nearby Activities

Depending on the season of your visit, you can enjoy a variety of activities, such as:

  • Spring flower tours
  • Summer water play
  • Fall foliage sightseeing
  • Winter snow flower viewing