Relaxing Caravan Camping in the Expansive Forest of Hongsan Tourist Farm

Relaxing Caravan Camping Amidst Expansive Forests at HongSan Tourist Farm

HongSan Tourist Farm
Located in the HongSan region of Buyeo County, Chungnam, HongSan Tourist Farm offers you the unique experience of caravan camping within its vast forest. A mere 30-minute journey from Buyeo County Office, passing through Buyeo Bridge and Guryong Intersection, will bring you to this hidden gem, nestled inconspicuously in the 613 local road.

Experience and Accommodations

HongSan Tourist Farm is divided into three tiers. The first tier houses a parking lot, a convenience store, and a large swimming pool. The second and third tiers are home to five and four caravans respectively. Operating in all seasons except winter, the wide expanse of the area and the generous spacing between sites ensure a leisurely and relaxed camping experience. Each caravan is equipped with a bed, air-conditioning and heating system, sink, toilet, and shower, ensuring your comfort. A dedicated awning and wooden deck have been installed outside, along with a table and chairs for barbecuing.

Local Attractions and Amenities

  • Numerous famous attractions such as the Baekje Cultural Complex are within close proximity to the campsite.
  • Daeduk Charcoal Grilled Ribs, a local restaurant specializing in Korean beef and capable of accommodating over 100 people, is also nearby.

Contact and Location

Address: 465, Sangcheon-ri, HongSan-myeon, Buyeo-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
Telephone: 041-836-1332

Enjoy Nearby Activities

Don’t miss out on the summer water play activities available in the vicinity, adding to the overall camping experience.