Peace Dam Auto Campground: A Public Camping Site in Front of the Forefront Peace Dam

Peace Dam Auto Camping Site (평화의댐 오토캠핑장)

Peace Dam Auto Camping Site

The Peace Dam Auto Camping Site, a public camping site established right in front of the Peace Dam, is operated by Hwacheon County. This campsite spans an area of 26,261 square meters, featuring a total of 50 camping sites, washstands, water fountains, bathrooms, and showers, with electricity available at each site.

The campsite is divided into three sections: Zone A, which offers a direct view of the dam and sluice gate, and Zones B and C, which are long sites following along the downstream reservoir across the road. Notably, Zone B is pet-friendly. Beyond the campsite, the Peace Dam is home to the world’s largest trick art mural, and nearby, you’ll find a multitude of attractions related to security and peace, including the Sky Walk, International Peace Art Park, and World Peace Bell Park.

  • Address: 145-145 Bisugu-mi Road, Hwacheon-eup, Hwacheon-gun, Gangwon Province
  • Telephone: 070-7727-1292

Nearby Activities

While specific features and benefits, as well as nearby activities, have not been provided for this location, the Peace Dam Auto Camping Site’s close proximity to various peace-related attractions ensures there’s always something to explore and enjoy.