Daebu Tourist Farm O-Camping: A Unique Camping Experience next to Daebu Islands Holgot Mudflat

Daebu Tourist Farm O-Camping

Daebu Tourist Farm O-Camping

Located at the very bottom of Daebu Island, in front of the tiny Meteuri Island, Daebu Tourist Farm O-Camping offers a unique opportunity for tourists and campers to enjoy a slice of life by the sea. Nestled right next to the Holgot Mudflats, this camping site gives you the chance to experience the mudflats at your convenience.

The camping ground is set up in a large plain designated as a tourist farm, offering a wide-open space for campers to set up their tents. It’s worth noting that the area is quite new and doesn’t have a lot of trees yet, meaning there is a lack of shade. However, the view of the sea on both sides and the immediate access to the mudflats more than make up for it.

With a wide swimming pool, an orchard, and a farming experience site nearby, it’s a great place for children to experience harvesting and other farming activities. A perfect spot for families and nature enthusiasts alike!

Details and Contact Information

  • Address: 642 Daenam-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do (Daebunam-dong)
  • Telephone: 010-6547-5005

Nearby Activities

For those seeking to explore the surroundings, the site is a renowned spot for viewing breathtaking sunsets. Whether you’re camping or just visiting for the day, don’t miss the opportunity to witness the sun dipping into the horizon, painting the sky with hues of orange and pink. Truly a sight to behold!