Overcome Stress at Haerum Pension Camping Site nestled in Chuwolsan Mountains

Sunrise Pension Campsite

Sunrise Pension Campsite

In the heart of the Chuwolsan mountain range, nestled in the serpentine twists and turns around Damyang Lake, lies the Sunrise Pension Campsite. This tranquil oasis, situated at the foot of one of Honam’s five famous mountains, offers an idyllic retreat for weary city-dwellers seeking solace in nature’s embrace.

A Haven for Nature-Lovers and Thrill-Seekers Alike

The campsite, named after the Sunrise Pension due to the fact that this area is the first to greet the dawn, is a medley of lush grassland and rejuvenating stream waters. The campsite and pension are jointly managed, giving visitors the choice of either a comfortable stay in the pension or a more rustic experience camping in the great outdoors.

During the day, you can immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of the blossoms that bloom each season, or take a refreshing dip in the pristine valley waters. At night, look up and be awed by a night sky festooned with countless stars – a perfect backdrop for creating special memories with family, lovers, and friends.

Fun for All Ages

Adding to the allure of the Sunrise Pension Campsite is the vast expanse of grassland right upfront – a perfect playground for children. On warm days, they can bask in the sunlight and frolic to their hearts’ content. In winter, the slightly sloped lawn transforms into a thrilling sledding field. There’s nothing more fun than this when it snows!

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Jointly operated with a pension
  • Wide grassland
  • Water play facilities
  • Foot volleyball court
  • Ping pong table
  • Excellent parking facilities
  • Located next to a stream

Contact Information:

Address: 50 Wolgye-gil, Yong-myeon, Damyang-gun, Jeollanam-do

Telephone: 010-2665-0011

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