Jeju Pine Beach Caravan: Bask in Warm Sunshine and Enjoy Fantastic Sea Views

Jeju Pine Beach Caravan: A Haven of Sun and Sea Views

Situated in the heart of Namwon-eup, Seogwipo City, Jeju Pine Beach Caravan is a unique camping spot nestled near the sea, offering a luxurious caravan and guesthouse experience. This campsite is situated at a midpoint of the delightful Jeju Olle Trail Route 4, making it a perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts and campers.

Jeju Pine Beach Caravan

The campsite offers an unmatched ocean view, allowing campers to soak in the beauty of the southern blue sea of Jeju. The site boasts a seaside walking trail for those who enjoy a tranquil stroll along the beach.

Features and Amenities

The campsite is neatly adorned with spacious and clean parking lots, palm trees that capture the essence of Jeju, and a meticulously maintained lawn garden. The interior of the caravan is splendid, with a neat and luxurious decor that exudes sophistication. It is designed with ample drawer space, making it easy to organize and utilize the space effectively. The caravan comes equipped with a refrigerator, oven range, microwave, TV, air conditioner, bed, table, complete cooking utensils, and a bathroom, offering all the convenience you need.

Next to the caravan is a deck installed for barbeque parties. If you’re traveling with young children, they’ll love the kids’ room. If you happen to run out of food supplies, worry not! The Olle Market is just a 20-minute drive away, ensuring you can replenish your supplies with ease.

Contact and Location Details

  • Address: 976-10, Taewi-ro, Namwon-eup, Seogwipo, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
  • Telephone: 064-764-2918

Make your next camping trip a memorable one by visiting Jeju Pine Beach Caravan, a stunning campsite that brings together the allure of nature and the comfort of modern amenities.