Jaurim Campsite: A Family-friendly Getaway in the Heart of Myeongji Mountain Valley

Jaurim Campground

Jaurim Campground

The Jaurim Campground, translating as the ‘Family-friendly campground in the deep valleys of Myeongji Mountain’, provides a unique and exciting camping experience in the heart of Korea’s natural beauty.


Located in the northern part of Gapyeong County in Gyeonggi Province, Jaurim Campground is in close proximity to the Mokdong Elementary School Myeongji Branch towards Mindungsan Mountain. The campground is accessible within approximately 25 minutes from the Buk-myeon Office Mokdong Intercity Bus Terminal. Nestled against the deep valleys of Myeongji Mountain, the campground boasts abundant water volumes, making it an ideal location for water activities.

Features and Benefits

The campground accommodates both auto camping and general camping without any particular separation. Operated like a pension house by a family, the campsite allows the entry of small caravans or trailers. Some of the wooden decks are located in the valley, making them a popular spot. The campground also includes a management building with public restrooms, shower rooms, and water fountains, all of which are well maintained. Beneath the campground flows a valley with abundant clean water, providing a perfect spot for water play in the summer. A separate foot volleyball court is also available for use.

  • Address: 2697-125 Gahwa-ro, Buk-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do
  • Telephone: Not available

Nearby Activities

Apart from camping, visitors can also enjoy various nearby activities such as fishing, spring flower trips, summer water play, and autumn foliage viewing spots.