Haeorum Glamping: A Comprehensive Camping Site on the Way to Kwanreung Arboretum

Haereum Glamping

Haereum Glamping

For those who cherish the blend of nature and culture, Haereum Glamping, a compound of ‘sunrise’ and ‘glamping’, unfolds a new chapter in your camping adventure. Situated halfway to the National Gwangneung Arboretum in Uijeongbu, it is an easily accessible sightseeing spot for campers.

Location and Introduction

Haereum Glamping is conveniently located on the left hill of the road, making it easy to spot. This comprehensive camping site boasts both glamping facilities and a caravan camping site. Adding to its charm is the private BBQ party you can enjoy outdoors, spacious and clean public facilities, and play facilities for children.

Contact Information and Address

  • Address: 5, Gwangneung Arboretum-ro 874beon-gil, Soheul-eup, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • Telephone: 010-9196-1645

Though the site currently doesn’t list any specific nearby activities, the beauty of Haereum Glamping is that the surrounding nature and the essence of camping itself offer endless opportunities for relaxation and exploration. So why wait? Start your adventure today!